Friday, July 10, 2009

Phone pictures

One day I took Nate and Ethan to the park. I was trying really hard to get their picture, but this other little girl (to the left of Nate) would not allow it. We tried running around and taking it really quick, but she would not leave the boys alone. Her mom just sat there and watched. In the end, this is the best I got.

Here we are waiting for Chase's quarterly appointment. Notice Nate's shoe selection. He fell in love with his pirate house shoes and was wearing them everywhere for a while.

We all love us some Steak n Shake
This is a picture that Mark took over Mother's Day weekend. I had an appointment in San Antonio on that Saturday, so we made a weekend of it and went to Fiesta Texas for Mother's Day. That is exactly my idea of a perfect Mother's Day, really. I love spending time doing something fun with Mark and the boys. We had a great weekend. The boys went swimming while I was at my appointment. This trip we were able to try out the water park side of Fiesta Texas. The boys loved it!

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