Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inner Space Cavern

Since I had to work in San Antonio the day before Mother's Day, we decided to make a quick family trip out of my business trip. Mark took Friday off. We made it to the Inner Space Caverns just in time for the final tour of the day. This is also around the time that Nate began to make tremendous progress in his potty training. Best Mother's Day present ever!!

All my boys headed to the cave

I love this picture. Don't know why Chase isn't in it. Oh yeah, he is too cool for that.
Look at the boys gripping the railing :)

He does have personality!

The tour guide was thrown off a bit when Dylan asked if anyone had ever died down there. Dylan and Cade had many questions and comments for the tour guide.

This is an old bat roost. There are no longer bats in the cave, but you can see signs of them everywhere. This fascinated Cade and he would point out other bat roosts throughout the tour.

And this is a big pile of bat guana - GROSS!

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