Thursday, July 09, 2009


Two very important birthdays occurred in March. Cade turned 7 on the 14th, and Dylan turned 10 on the 26th. I meant to write a sweet post about both boys on their birthdays but that obviously is not to be. Pictures of their joint party are coming tomorrow.

Dylan showing that he is 10 - I don't really know why he was holding his hands this way. Our Dylan marches to the beat of his very own drummer.

These will be excellent blackmail pictures in the future.
Do you notice how his face is a mess? That is also very typical of our sweet, messy Dylan.
Dylan was hoping for money so that he could buy his own digital camera.
The 2 birthday boys opening their gifts from Grammy and Granddaddy.

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Those Brumley Boys said...

OK...Dylan's second picture in the series (1st one with bow on his head) is CLASSIC MARK! Remember that picture that I was telling you about - THAT IS THE SAME EXPRESSION!! I wish I knew where that picture was of Mark...I will look for it! It's priceless~!