Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow and Silliness

The boys were so excited to wake up to snow!!! Too bad it was gone by noon. It was pretty while it lasted.

A major parenting weakness of mine can be summed up in one word: MORNING. A good "morning" mom I am not! Want a hot and nutritious breakfast? Then you better go to someone else's house. At our house, it is serve yourself. This catches up to me at times. Like when Cade comes home from school with this on. Yes, he wore a pullover as a shirt. Isn't it a good look?

Nate had to be in a picture. I let him, because I think he is cute :)
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Andrea said...

I happen to fondly remember your lack of morning personality as my camp counselor! You were a bit of a grumpy bear in the early hours. I LOVE the sexy pullover-without-a-shirt look. I bet he's setting some cool new styles at his school. And I'm super jealous of the snow. All we got was RAIN.