Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Museum School Stories

I have no idea what Nate's teachers must think about us. One week, the class learned about skunks. That week Nate shared the story of how his daddy got sprayed by a skunk in the face. Another week, they learned about lizards. Nate kindly graced them with the story of how Mark shot a lizard's head off and how the lizard had babies inside that Chase cut out of it. True story, but one I wish he would not have shared. (Sidenote, I thought that all lizards laid eggs until this incident. Turns out that some give birth. Also, the babies survived - 2 came to live at our house for a while). Last week, they learned about Indians and buffaloes. Nate shared that there are buffaloes at the farm, so I clarified that Nate has an eccentric great uncle who has buffaloes. Topic next week, DEER!!! Nate has already shared that his daddy shoots deer. Oh my!

See my cute little Indian? He is not a fan of things on him like necklaces or hats. He agreed to put these on for a picture. They immediately came off! He was wearing them when I picked him from museum school only because his teachers asked him to wear them until his mommy saw him. The minute he saw me, off they came!
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The Nieves 6 said...

Can't wait until they study lions! ;D