Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today we were supposed to be on a bus with church friends heading to Colorado for a fun ski trip.  Instead, we are all heartbroken by the tragic loss of one of those friends.  Tim was an amazing man who influenced many for good and continues to influence many for good.  People are writing notes about him on Facebook.  The same words come up over and over again because they are all true of Tim.  Godly, friendly, funny, compassionate, happy, and kind.  Those are just some of the words.  It struck me that I could not think of a single negative thing to say about Tim.  I know that everyone has faults, but I just can't think of any for him.  He loved God with his whole heart.  He sung praises to God with feeling and joy.  He loved his family, especially his wife and precious daughter.  He loved life!  He was always looking at the good side of things, even when he was facing hard times.  He loved to have fun.  He loved singing.  He was a happy and joyful person.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and was always fun to be around.  He was friendly and kind to everyone!  He had a servant heart.  He would be there for you at any time if you needed help, and he wouldn't let you apologize for asking for his help.  There are not enough words to describe him.  He was simply a great guy, and his loss will be felt deeply by many for a very long time.  Knowing him made me a better person.  Losing him makes me want to work at being an even better person.  I don't know why this happened.  I really cannot believe that it has.  One thing I do know is that his life had great meaning.  He served God well, and he IS singing in heaven.  To Amy and Samantha, your family is in our hearts and prayers and will continue to be.  Amy, your strength and grace throughout this time has inspired me.  We ache for you guys and will do anything we can to help.  I am so very sorry. 


See-Dub said...

"Losing him makes me want to work at being an even better person." Absolutely! What an influence he had on us all!

Holly said...

Something I will always remember about Tim is the way he looked at Amy and Samantha. You could just feel the love he had for them radiating from his eyes. It was truly beautiful and always warmed my heart to see them smiling at each other at church in front of us each Sunday. Thanks for sharing this blog. It's hard to put into words how I'm feeling about all of this. :(