Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Report Card

According to Facebook, many of my friends LOVE the fall. Me, not so much. To me, fall means that cold weather is coming. Just to be clear, I appreciate cuddling under a blanket with a warm cup of tea while wearing cozy clothing. The problem is that I only appreciate it for a brief time. I must be the only strange person in the world who would rather have hot weather. Give me the choice between a 100 degree day or a 40 degree day and the 100 degree day wins hands down. Yes, I know that I am not sane about this. This fall, I have not been doing well at all with keeping up with fall traditions. Here is my fall report card, and it is not pretty.

Fall Decorations - Do empty candy wrappers count? I didn't think so. Grade F

Halloween Decorations - Does a ghost that never got hung up count? No? Grade F

Halloween Costumes - Check! Grade A

Fall Festivals - Mark took the boys to Trunk of Treats, can I still get credit for that one? We also went to Cade's school festival. Grade A-

Pumpkin Patch - Can I blame that we didn't make it to one on the fact that we had so much rain? Grade D

Carving Pumpkin - Ummmmmm. Tried to buy one today to carve, but they seem to all be gone (except for the tiny ones). Do I get some credit for a semi-effort? Grade D

Trick of Treating - YES!!! Grade A

Not a pretty report card!

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Charlotte Beakley said...

We've had lots of 100 degree days this fall. Really not so fun when you are living it:)