Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tour Bus

I was going to divide our New York trip up by days, but our days were so full! Instead, I am going to break it up by categories. We decided to ride on the red, double-decker tour bus. Yes, we screamed, "TOURISTS". It was really great. You could hop on and off. Some of the tour guides were great, others were a bit lacking. My favorite was the one sitting by us who was hacking up a lung and kept saying that it was "asthma". Nastiness! It was really enjoyable. The weather was unseasonably cool. It was perfection.

These pictures are from 4 different cameras and are jumbled up. I am too lazy to fix them ;)

One of the good tour guides

Such an amazing number of people. There were even more at night.

Empire State Building

So many beautiful buildings!

The spot where John Lennon was shot
Anna and Alison

The wall by the Apollo Theater where a Michael Jackson memorial was set up

Mandy and me

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