Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chase's 13th Birthday Party

Chase wanted to go to the deer lease with some friends for his birthday this year. Since the deer lease in August is hot and miserable, we decided to wait and do it in October (and by "we" I mean "Mark"). The only problem is that Chase was not able to invite everyone he wanted to come. Some of his friends had sports that weekend, so that helped with narrowing down who to invite. Chase and his friends had a great time. There was fire, night vision, pigs, and 4-wheelers, and no one got hurt! Happy birthday, again!

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stevenjared0853 said...

Well, that definitely makes it a ‘grownup’ party venue. My son turned 15 last month and he had a party just like this with his friends. We did celebrate at night together but I know it was one of the best birthdays for him until now.