Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Can't Keep Anything Nice Around This House (Thankful Thursday)


Not an unfamiliar sound in our home. This particular crash was attached to the pretty, red candle holder (I did have 2, but the other one had already bit the dust). See my forlorn candles with no pretty holders.

Somebody who wasn't me might have said, "We can't keep anything nice in this house."
Truth can be found in that statement, depending upon how you look at it. It is true that our furniture is a little, shall we say, "worn". Our carpet might show some signs of "use". Many breakable objects have met their certain doom, and we may be on the verge of buying new dishes because our current supply has been somewhat "depleted". But even faced with all of this evidence; I am going to have to disagree with that statement. I think that we have at least 4 of the nicest things ever to exist in the world located in our very own home. We have a very cute teenager who has a caring and compassionate heart (and who might have just let out the most disgusting burp). I happen to treasure the 11-year-old who is brilliant and sweet to the core. My joyful 8-year-old is one of my prized "possessions". And that sweet and loving Nate just melts my heart. Yes, I am going to have to disagree with a certain someone. I think that we have the nicest things ever in our home. Unfortunately, he (that certain someone) will ultimately be right. My 4 treasures will eventually grow up and I won't be able to keep them around the house :-(
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Jill said...

Jenna, I needed to read this today! I was just telling a friend this morning how frustrated I was feeling that my own little Nate gets into everything!! While it can be trying at times, I need to remember that I have two of the "nicest" things in my home already!! Thanks for this much-needed reminder of what should really be precious to us.
- Jill

Nichole said...

Very well said! Thanks for sharing! My 'greatest possessions' went fishing from the 2nd story and the clock my sis brought back from Switzerland bit the dust! Guess Dale will just have to take me to Switzerland!

Andrea said...

I love, love, love this post!