Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Cade Fashion

Since my regular computer with my recent pictures is in the shop for what feels like F.O.R.E.V.E.R., my blogging catch-up will be furthered delayed.  Guess it is time to blog the high quality pictures from my phone.

This one is from this summer.  Cade suddenly became very picky about his clothes.  He wanted to wear camo and/or plaid shorts.  I would have to double check his outfit every day.  This one got the boot.   

My sweet Cade has been struggling a bit lately.  This year has been more difficult for him.  His quirks and sensory issues are really getting in the way of his learning and of his making friends.  We are starting the process to have some more evaluations done (and by starting the process I mean that the paperwork stack that I have to complete is on top of the mountain of work that I have to complete).  He also is having a hard time recovering from being sick.  He had 3 separate bugs/viruses in November and missed 8 days of school.  He is still complaining about his stomach hurting.  With Cade, it is always hard to know if he is really having a physical problem, or if he is having anxiety/sensory issues.  Prayers for my sweet, sweet boy would be appreciated. 

- Jenna

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