Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoo Crew

The boys had another crazy early release day from school, so we grabbed a few friends and headed to the zoo. We were able to meet up with some other friends later in the day.
The Zoo Crew - note Nate's eyes

Chase's buddy was so very sweet to Nate. He would lift Nate up, talk to Nate, and carry Nate. He always had his eye on Nate and would ask where Nate was if Nate was out of sight. All around good kid.

Ice cream break

Boys always have to pretend that they are being eaten by the alligator. It is hysterically funny every.single.time :)
Cade and his buddy goofing around
Chase's buddy carrying Nate

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stacey said...

i love how you how you are quick to action finding activities to do! must the 4 boy thing!!