Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day "Gifts"

I love the fill in the blank sheets that schools have the boys do. Here is Nate's. His answers are in blue.

My mom's name is Jenna (so happy that he finally knows my name) and she is 11 years old (give that boy a pony). Her favorite job around the house is to make the house all clean so the cleaning lady can come (not really sure what this says about me). When she relaxes or is alone she likes to lay down and sleep (then why do I never get to take a nap?). When we go out to eat, she likes to go to Chick-Fil-A and her favorite food is lettuce (sooo wrong). My mom's favorite color is purple but the color that she does not like red or pink (just because there is no pink in our house doesn't mean I don't like it). If she could have 1 pet she would get a kitty cat (he pegged that one), but she is scared of lions. When my mom hugs me I feel loved (you are so loved, baby boy). When I get mad, mom tells me to clean up. (He has that backwards, he gets mad when I tell him to clean up). My mom looks so beautiful when she wears a dress and beautiful shoes and if my mom had a million dollars she would buy a bb gun with fake bb's (sigh). My mom's favorite sport is football (go 'Boys) and she loves to go on vacation to New York City (umm, yes!). My mom is thankful for God (tear). I love my mom because God made her.

LOVE that kid.

From Cade, I got a coupon book. I can tell that he put a lot of thought into this and really thought about how he could serve me. Here they are:

5 cents to give to you (reaching DEEP into his pockets)
walking Maggie
laundry (one of his regular jobs is to collect dirty clothes and bring them into the laundry room)
walking Maggie
walking Maggie
walking Maggie (notice a trend)

I think I will redeem the 5 cent one tomorrow. Don't you wish you had a coupon for 5 cents?


Charlotte said...

Precious boys!! You are so blessed:)

Jill said...

That is precious, Jenna!

Andrea said...

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Sugar and sweetness and just... sweet.