Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Best of the Worst - Bluebonnets 2010

We have missed taking bluebonnet pictures the last few years. Nate has never had one taken. Inexcusable! I was determined to get some this year. The bluebonnets were fading, so we rushed to take some. The lighting was perfect, until we arrived :( Overall, it was an unsuccessful photo session full of squinty-eyed boys. Here are the "best" pictures of the day. Guess I will try again next year. Tomorrow I will post some of the lovely outtakes.

Ladybugs were a hit!

I do love this picture because it is sweet :)

This is a very common Dylan look - here he was finding the pollen in the bluebonnet

More ladybug fun

The bee was fascinating as well. You should have seen the amount of pollen on that bee!

At this point, I was pretending to smell the boys' shoes and reacting strongly in order to get a smile from Nate.

Bunch of squinty-eyed boys
More ladybug

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Andrea said...

These are great! I love 'em.