Monday, May 17, 2010

Straight From Nate

Nate has been around people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The older boys have friends of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. For some reason, tonight was the night that Nate "discovered" that one of Chase's friends is black.

Said with surprise, "Hey, you are brown!" The fun continued with Nate worrying that the brown would rub off onto him. Chase's friend put his arm out for Nate to rub and see that the "brown" does not rub off. Oh my!

Many mornings we hear this from Nate, "I had a dream." We then hear a detailed report of said dream. Sometimes it is a good dream, sometimes it is a scary dream. He loves to talk about them. The boy cracks us up.

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Andrea said...

This is awesome. I love Nate! I so look forward to the day when EVERYONE sees skin color as just varying shades of brown and not a source of hatred. Moving back to Memphis has brought some of that racial tension awareness back into my life. I do NOT like it. God created us all!