Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blue Haven - Group 4

Our friend, Wayne, sent us some pictures that he took.

Camp Blue Haven is very special to Mark and me.  Being counselors together cemented our relationship.  Mark proposed to me in the meadows at Blue Haven.  Now the meadows are the ropes course, but we still like to point out the spot to the boys where we got engaged.  Here we are at the ropes course.
The swing is great fun.
The leap of faith is not as much fun.  You climb to the top of a telephone pole, then you have to stand on the top of the pole on one foot and leap to grab the bar.  Mark was one of the few who succeeded.

Here I am about to go.  I may have been talking some smack to some of the other teachers.
Wayland runs the ropes course.  He and his wife are amazing people.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know them.
Climbing the pole was easy.  Making myself stand on one foot on top of a swaying telephone pole was not easy.  I was regretting all my smack talk at about this point.
For the record, I grabbed the bar but was not able to hold onto it.
For the record, my man was one of the few to complete it successfully.

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