Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nate the Star Student and Overachiever

Here is a paper that Nate completed at school. They were supposed to glue kernels of corn onto the paper and then write down how many they counted. Nate was obviously not into this assignment. He glued a grand total of one onto the paper. What an overachiever!

Nate was recently the Star Student at school. Here is the poster that we (meaning I) quickly made. The picture of Nate with me has fallen off. Here are some interesting Nate facts.

Things he likes - Swimming, running with running shoes, taking a trip, and going on a boat
His favorite color - Yellow
His favorite TV show - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
What he wants to be when he grows up - Doctor
His 3 wishes - Changing color cars, new car, new house
Things that he does not like - Make-up, dressing up like a girl
His favorite food - Chicken
His favorite animal - Monkey
His favorite place - Desert
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stacey said...

luke will dress up and wear make-up thanks to big sis' influence!