Tuesday, November 17, 2009


People love the fall for many rationale reasons; cooler weather, pretty leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. My favorite part of fall is the acorns. I know that makes no sense, but I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure out of crunching acorns. I press my foot down and feel the bump of the acorn followed by a satisfying crunching sound. Awwww. I have shared this silly pleasure with Nate. He now shares my obsession love of acorns. When taking a walk, he will get excited when he spies acorns. He points them out to me so that we can crunch them together. Sometimes he needs a little help with a crunch. He will jump up and down and press hard with no luck. He finally asks me for help, and I am always happy to assist :) Someday when he is grown up he will be walking along crunching acorns and a friend will ask him why in the world he does that. He will have to blame his crazy mother. I hope he thinks of me every single time he crunches one, and I hope he does not need therapy for an acorn obsession ;)

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The Nieves 6 said...

You know how I live on a slab of treeless pasture? Well, my parents have literally thousands of acorns that have fallen and my dad has been scooping them up and sending them home with me to throw out in my pasture and stomp in so that maybe we'll get at least one tree! Your boys are so lucky to have a mom that makes great memories (or psychiatric problems) with them! :o)