Monday, November 23, 2009


While driving to my appointment, I noticed this great wall. Perfect for a photo shoot. There was a Wal Mart right there, so coordinating shirts were easy to buy. The light was decent, and the boys were mostly happy. Bonus - I didn't see any bad words on the wall.

Good thing because Cade was trying to read every word.

Notice anything off in this picture? Like maybe a zipper?
The other boys checking their zippers after Dylan's was discovered to be down.
They thought this was hysterical!


Nate's face looks so strange because he is singing "Star Wars" to me

Chase has a bit of a busted lip, so his smile is a little off
Still a cutie!


Andrea said...

What a great idea! Love these pictures.

The Nieves 6 said...

Way cool, Jenna! Love these pictures.

stacey said...

good eye! so glad you got such great pics!