Friday, June 25, 2010

Straight From Nate

Nate has not been giving Mark the proper amount of love lately. I told Nate that Mark needed a hug. Mark happened to be shirtless. Nate replied, "But Daddy has too much fur on him." Feeling the love.

My sister was visiting. On Tuesday morning, she took Nate (still in pajamas) with her to get some donuts. The lady behind the counter made the mistake of being friendly and trying to interact with him. She complimented his pajamas and expressed a desire for some and was informed that they were too small for her. She continued to talk to him until he had had enough and informed her, "You are not my mother". She explained to him that she wasn't trying to be his mother, more like a friend. "You aren't my friend. (Child's name) is my friend." I think she finally gave up. That Nate, he is a polite one.

My sis later took Chase and Nate to a store to get a few shirts for Chase. While shopping, Nate started crying. They found him with his hand down his pants crying out loudly (with people around), "My (insert boy part) is big and it won't go down!" Repeat several times, loudly.

He is a fun one, that Nate.


Andrea said...

Oh my word! Love the boy part drama!

stacey said...

wow jenna! wow! thanks for funny!

Holly said...

Thanks for the laugh!