Wednesday, June 02, 2010

May Phone Pictures

Random phone pictures from May

Nate was thrilled that his cousin sent him his old lunch box. He was also super excited about the shirt that his aunt made for him.
We were able to eat with some friends before they move to Virginia. Cade was so excited about his "fish chip" He asked me to post it on Facebook.
We are going to miss sweet V and her parents
Chase and his buddy going into their band concert.
Chase's class had a cardboard boat project. Mark helped to transport the boats to a pool. The students then raced the boats across the pool. Chase and his partner won their race.
Mark opened up his camera at work and found that Nate had inserted a self-portrait :)
Turtle - Nate's last day of museum school
Nate's preschool class took a "field trip" to the McDonald's across the street. He was way excited about it. He got more of a field trip than Cade did this year. Field trips were cut from the budget :(
Cade loved eating at Babe's

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phone pics can be the best!