Saturday, April 24, 2010

Visit to Grandma's

Coming back from our ski trip, we stopped at the farm. My grandmother lives right by my parents' house. I haven't been to my grandmother's house in years and years. She normally comes to my parents' house, and I see her there. I don't like to go down to my grandmother's, because my eccentric uncle has at least 50 dogs. I am not exaggerating! The dogs are not exactly the friendly kind of dogs. I don't feel safe taking my kids down there, so we haven't been in years and years. My grandmother is having a harder time getting out, so we braved the wild dogs and went to visit. I was surprised at how emotional it made me to be in her house. I took a few pictures of things that I remember from my childhood.

My relationship with my grandmother is a little hard to explain. I would have to say that it improved after I better understood why she is the way she is. She was the oldest child and the only girl. She dropped out of school in the 5th grade and worked and took care of her brothers. I remember my grandmother always being in motion. Go, go, go! She shakes, which increases my perception of watching a ball in a pinball machine. On Saturdays, she would get her hair done, and then cover the curlers with a hat with sequins. With her shaking and a little bit of sun, you would get the effect of a disco ball.
My grandmother was taught that men matter more. She had only brothers, and her focus was to care for them. She went on to have 2 boys, and they were her life. I have always loved looking at this pictures of my dad as a little boy. These pictures are on an interior window right inside the back door of the house (and no one ever used the front door). Bloodlines mattered to her. She was not a fan of adoption. Not a big fan of girls and not a fan of adoption. I was not her dream grandchild.
I sensed early on that I was not a favorite of hers. I was even able to figure out why once I was older. Then I reached a point where I was able to understand her and truly love her. I was able to respect how hard-working she is and how well she does serve her family. I have always loved her laugh, and she likes to laugh. I have many good memories of her. We developed a good relationship, but I wouldn't say that we were ever close.
These always cracked me up. Every house should have this - just in case you need some string :)
My grandmother's health is deteriorating. She is 96 years old, so I guess it is not surprising. She really can't hear much around her anymore. Her mind and memory come and go in waves.
This visit, she didn't remember where I lived. She asked me how many of the boys at the house were mine. It makes me sad that she doesn't remember my boys.

She has actually cut down on the number of magnets on her fridge.

FYI -- this bear is NOT soft
My mom made this - can anyone guess the decade?
This part of the home was added on later. Can you tell by the carpet choice?
Check out the T.V.!
I loved, loved, loved this Santa and reindeer as a child. They don't look as nice as they do in my memory :) I guess we tend to remember things we love as better than they really are.
My dad is the one on the right. Cade's middle name comes from my grandfather. He was a good-hearted man. I wish he could have met my boys.

I really remember this carpet.
My grandma with my boys.
I remember this sound system :) You thought 8-tracks were old school - this is really old school.
More of the beautiful carpet - means nothing to others, but brings back a rush of memories for me.

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Andrea said...

Wow, what a legacy. You know it is somewhat appropriate that you (the not so favorite adopted girl child) went on to have four beautiful boys. I bet she appreciates them! wonder if the irony is lost on her?