Monday, May 07, 2012

Nate Quotes - I am sure I've missed some

Nate, "Dad, I bet you would love a bazooka if you had tons and tons of money."

I was showing the boys a picture of an orphan living in deplorable conditions. She is 14 and weighs 14 pounds. Nate wanted to know why she is so small, so I was telling him that she hasn't been fed much and that she has no one to love her. He kept insisting that someone loves her. I disagreed until he pointed out that God loves her. That's my boy.

Nate was discussing with me his fear of the hopping foot (in the dark) and how the foot might smother him. I assured him of his safety. "I know I'm safe. Unless I go rock climbing without safety gear."

Nate to Mark, "I'm still shivering from the Tower of Terror." Hope we didn't terrorize him.

Nate is still thinking about the Tower of Terror. "I wish it had never been invented." Harsh words. Hope he likes the Indiana Jones ride we are about to go on.

‎"Nate, did you like the Tower of Terror?" Nate replied, "Not even 1%."

Funniest Nate quote so far (well, there was a funnier one, but it is not Facebook appropriate), "Why are we getting in someone else's car?"

Nate is beyond excited because he FINALLY has a loose tooth. He also tried to use it as an excuse to not brush his teeth.

According to Nate, we are going to Calabama over spring break. That would be California:-)

Nate, "I'm not small. I'm fun-sized."

‎"Nate, you really did a great job on your report card. There is only one area where you could improve." His reply, "I wasn't even trying my hardest!"

My sweet Nate LOVES my tuna casserole (sorry Morris Blankenship). He ate multiple helpings and then told me that it is so good that I should put up a stand and sell it. I love my boy.

My sweet Nate does not like Chick-fil-A. Crazy, I know. He explained to me, "I like the chicken, just not the aftertaste."

SOME of us in this family have been praying for a baby girl from China. Before prayers tonight, Nate wanted to know why she had to come from China. I told him that she didn't and asked him where he thinks she should come from. He thought Mexico. I told him that Mexico isn't an easy country to adopt from, so he thought we should adopt from here or from...where is Mrs. Logsdon from - Oklahoma.

Nate goes up to Mark, "Dad, can I sleep with Mom tonight and you can sleep in my bed?"

Should I be honored or appalled that Nate has made a zombie (in my honor) in zombie cafe and named it "Mom"?

Child 1 prayed, "Help unnamed brother not hit or punch me." Child 2 prayed, "Please help unnamed brother not punch or kick me."

Mom fail for the day - told Nate I would bring his lunch to him when I came to volunteer. Ran out of time, but no worries because he can buy. Run into cafeteria to say buy and my boy is boo hooing at the table and has no food. We then made a quick trip to Sonic.

Day 7 - Today I am thankful that we can afford dental care. Mr. Idon'twanttobrushmyteeth just might have 3 cavities.

‎"Nate, go brush your teeth."
"Why can't I just not do it for one night. Please, just one night. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Just one night."

‎"Nate, brush your teeth."
"But I brushed them last night and before."

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