Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chase's Birthday

Chase turned 12 on August 6th. I still can't believe it. Since we traveled so much this summer, our birthday party budget was depleted. We gave Chase the option of a party with a little present or better presents with no party. He picked the presents :) A few days before his birthday we went out as a family to a local pizza place. Chase loved his presents and his cookie (Chase is not a cake fan). We then went to see a hamster movie in 3D. We had NO idea how expensive the 3D version of the movie was. Our evening out (plus the extra presents) ended up costing just as much as a party would have cost. Oh well, Chase was happy and that was the most important thing.

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stacey said...

i am so bad....i let grandma take them to 3d cause it seems like a waste to me. we still love the same movie at the cheap theater!! :)

hope he had a great birthday!